Graphic designer!


Experience can be earned in many ways. I have been studying at a constant rate in all those 25 years I have been into graphics.
My experience spans a long range of dif­ferent graphic tasks, also some not so usual for a designer, like CTP and certifying pdf files with Pitstop.
From a start as a plate­maker, I have a strong technical foun­dation. I have my roots in design of jewelry and in art, but also in graphic work. When it comes to it, the prin­ciples of design are universal.


Adobe CS5.5 is the newest kid in town, I have worked wit CS from the first version and with the applications within it for much longer. Before that I worked with Quark Xpress. And I know quite a lot of other graphics applications.


Also in web desing the tools come from Adobe CS 5.5. But I work with several other applications too. HTML5 and CSS3 are the new standards. This site has been mae with HTML5 and CSS3. These stan­dards are based on the existing HTML4 and CSS2, but have a range of new exicting possibilities.
I have been working with the production of catalogs in almost all its phases, from plan­ning to press start. Set-up, inking, ready­ing pdf files for the press, press start and the planning of production.
In packaging I have worked with a wide range of different packaging. This inkluded design, inking, readying pdf files for the press and platemaking.
As a CTP operator I set up booklets and maga­sins in Preps an made plates for a range of graphic products, though mainly packaging and booklets.
Also look at: Short about competences and Resumé and CV