Short about competences

Knowledge is a valuable treasure ..!
… but there are better ways to get that treasure that what these guys are doing …

What did I learn in all that time?

In February and March 2012 I followed a six weeks course in web techniques. I worked with the following subjects:
  • Webdesign with Adobe Dreamweaver and CSS.
  • PHP and MySQL, Langborg-Hansen
  • Simply JavaScript, Yank and Adams
  • Fundamentals of Magento Development
  • Core Principles for Theming in Magento
  • WordPress, theme development

My studies were mainly concentrating on HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, working with a CMS and web shop, and PHP.

Before this course I used quite some time on these subjects, and also on SEO and design in general. I worked with the following books:

  • SEO Chefens guide til søgemaskineoptimering. Flensted.
  • SEO Basics, Bivings Group
  • SEO Made Simple, Nunney
  • Link building 101, de Valk
  • Stunning CSS3, Gillenwater
  • Dive into HTML5
  • HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World Goldstein, Lazaris & Weyne
  • Beginning WordPress3, Leary
  • Head First WordPress. Siarto
  • The Vignelli canon, Vignelli
  • Design Basics, Lauer & Pentak
  • The Complete Guide to Digital Design
  • The Art of Layout and Storyboarding, Byrne
Also on my reading list are:
  • The elements of User Experience, Garrett
  • Gestalt Principles of Form Design, Søgaard
  • jQuery Animation Techniques, Wellman
  • PHP5 e-commerce Development, Peacock
and many others.
One is never too old to learn and time goes best when you are doing something.