Perceiving color

The other theory is more about how the eye and the brain interprete the incoming impulses.

This theory says the eye balances colors against each other. Red against green, yellow (which is a combination of red and green) against blue and lighthess against darkness,
According to this, what we perceive are the 6 primary colors: Red, Green, Yellow  Blue White  Black(dark).

May be one should say reddish, greenish and so on. It is beleived, that each type of cone perceives or is able to separate about 100 shades. If the brain is able to combine these shades exponential that a human eye can see/separate about one million shades of color.

Like everything else in nature, there are indiviual variations in the cells and a persons brain, when it comes to receiving and interpreting these colors.

Also see Color perception.

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