Finding tutorials

There are lots of books out there, but they are off limit in my budget for the time being. There also is a lot of stuff, which is free – and lawful. But there are large differences in the quality of that stuff as being good for educational purposes. Not many tutorials are written for those who are not beginners and not experts. Those for beginners will be too boring for the one who knows much, and those for expert developers are deterrent.

But there is no way around. If I want to learn it, I have to be bored with the beginner stuff or force my way through the expert stuff.

Let go. Between looking for employers, writing applications, doing scores in the house ( I am there isn’t it?) an many other scores I have to plough through those texts written by experts for experts. I keeps me up in high gear, mentally speaking.

It is much easier with HTLM and CSS. For those I can find stuff that is not offensively simple or irritatingly complex. And lots of it is for free.

I did choose my self to be one, who learns stuff by himself. Nobody ought to say that that is easy. That it definitely is not. But I chose myself and it means freedom and gives great satisfaction, when techniques, principles and methods suddenly become understandable, usable and part op ones toolbox.

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