Adobe Flex Builder

Adobe kindly gave Adobe Flex Builder to people, who lost their employment due to the economic crisis. I believe that was a good initiative. Så nu er jeg i gang med at sætte mig ind i Flex Builder, og jeg synes, det er forbavsende ligetil, når man har al den støtte, der er bygget ind i Flex Builder. De forskellige wizards og highlights gør det faktisk relativt nemt at programmere i Flex Builder, og Adobe har desuden tutorials på Adobe TV hjemmesiden. So now I am aquainting myself with Flex builder and my impression is that it is rather easy with all the built in features to help you. Also Adobe has several good tutorials on their Adobe TV site. I’ll be happy to come with a more extensive report later on, but just for now I have to take my time to enjoy the nice weather _ it may not be there next week. For now I will say, the first trials at programming in Flex Builder were very encouraging. I had thought it more difficult. The integration with Flash also seems to work nicely, but that needs some more, before doing, before I really get a feel of it.

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