Spinach again

I remember not being very fond of spinach, while I was a boy. Maybe it was the way it was cooked, or just the fact, that it was finely chopped.

Today that is different, and even my kids like spinach. So I have another recipe with it:

About 500 gr. chopped park
One entire peeled garlig
3-4 slices of ginger (each slice about  5 mm)
1-2 poeces of star anis
salt og pepper
about 500 gr. whole, frosen spinach leaves

Mash the garlic, ginger, star anis, salt and pepper in a mortar.

Fry the pork and ad the mash, when the pork has taken color. Keep on frying  for a few minutes, than add the spinach. Add a little bit of water and maybe a little bit of soy sauce. Keep on a low heat until the spinach is cooked

Use no more water that what leaves the dish “moist”, when cooked.

Full of good nutrition.

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