Buzz words

This article is not easy to translate, since a greater part og it is about  the use of English words as technical terms in Danish, where older Danish terms are as “telling” as their English counterparts. I will make an … Continue reading

Creativity hell

David Brier has written an article about creativity: “The Oscars remind us that, when it comes to branding, bold creativity–not committees or safe plays–wins the day. Brand identity expert David Brier and cartoonist Tom Fishburne break down what businesses can … Continue reading

Perceiving color

Today many people know, that there is an RGB colorspace. Some even know, that one usually uses a CMYK colorspace for printing. But how do we actually see colors? Here comes a very short explanation: The human eye has in … Continue reading

Developing design

Annyas design blog shows an intersting article about design through 70 yeas. Christian Annyas shows Chevrolet speedometer designs from the period 1941 to  2011. The connection between these designs and other designs in the same period seems quite clear. … Continue reading

Logos and Logo design

Logo Design Love is a homepage, where you can find inspiration for logo design.. David Aireyer i a graphic designer from North Ireland. He wrote the book  “LogoLoveDesign“.  I found one of the articles on this blog through Twitter/designrelated. De-cluttered … Continue reading