Lens and pixels

Diffraction bends the rules It is not only the number of Megapixels in your camera, that makes the resolution in the final picture. The quality of the lens and the aperture has quite much to say in that case too. … Continue reading

Smart talk

I have talked about it before: buzz words and smart words seem to be ther right thing for manu “professionals”. It is so easy to impress with fluid uncomprehensible language. Forbes wrote down 89 of these expressions in this article. … Continue reading

Power of words

This may be just a constructiion, but it tells a lot about how important it is to use a better way to say things. Words have power. Thus the one who masters words has power too. … Continue reading

More on web design

DZone has some interestin articles on creating web sites: Say Hello to the HTML5 Embed Element is a descriotion of the  <embed> elementet in HTML5, whic makes it easier to deal with “non-HTML” in the site. Algortihm of the week: … Continue reading

Annoying words

A few months ago I wrote a post about  buzz words,  those annoying terms, used by too many people, who do not know or even do not want to know their actual meaning. Now LinkedIn linked to Forbes wrinting about … Continue reading

Forgiving CSS

CSS just jumps over, when there is something that is not understood, and goes on later, the moment it is understood again.  That seems to be the rule as long as we talk about files that are considered to be … Continue reading

Set to the point

Strategic approaches towards branding. In my oppinion branding is an art, which takes loads of continuous work – as long as your brand desires to sell its products. This site has a list of “problems” when it comes to branding. … Continue reading

To believe or not to believe …

“Consumers today have become a cynical mob of buyers who believe the reviews and ratings of complete strangers much more readily than your brand’s promises and distinctions.“ That is the severe conclusion  in this article. David Brier write on  twitter: … Continue reading

The usage of browsers.

Some time ago (See Web design and browsers) Microsoft declared Internet Explorer 6 to be dead. Today arstechnica.com has an article about the use of browers. The site writes, that 49.78% use Internet Explorer to look at web pages. If … Continue reading


UI and UX: what is the difference?

UI, User interface and UX, User Experience arte far from being the same thing. Where one (the interface) is the platform or frame around what you do, the other (experience) is your perception about what happens when you do. Designing … Continue reading


In these days a lot of attention is shown to designs from the 60’ties and 70’ties. “The Gost of AGIA Publications Past”  shows som examples from that period. It is much like I remember from my very young days.  But … Continue reading

Don’t Like

Frontburner via David Brier Frontburner found a logo they definitely did not like. David Brier David Brier commented  on  Twitter: “One of the most unfortunate examples of branding I have seen in about 20 years.” (David brier is a brand … Continue reading

“Cookie laws”

An overview of law rules taken from gilest.org.   Dear client, The European Union has changed the law covering how websites should work, and this affects you. Please take a few minutes to read through this document. It deals with … Continue reading

Typography and design?

Here is an example of how to (mis)use typography in your design. Fonts in use describes Dr Bronner’s ways to communicate with an abundance ow words, using an abbundance of typography. The entire text and design can be seen here. … Continue reading

Buzz words

This article is not easy to translate, since a greater part og it is about  the use of English words as technical terms in Danish, where older Danish terms are as “telling” as their English counterparts. I will make an … Continue reading

Finding tutorials

As one, who has learned much of what he knows outside established courses and schools, looking for online courses, tutorials, manuals and other stuff that can enlarge my knowledge, is some of my daily work. My knowledge of PHP I … Continue reading

Creativity hell

David Brier has written an article about creativity: “The Oscars remind us that, when it comes to branding, bold creativity–not committees or safe plays–wins the day. Brand identity expert David Brier and cartoonist Tom Fishburne break down what businesses can … Continue reading

New roads

I have started to get a look at the web shop world. In the first place by working with the Magento Community software. Magento Community is an open source platform for web shops – quite comprehensive and rather intimidation to … Continue reading

To be self-educated

  Autodidakt Definition (Wikipedia): En autodidakt (af græsk autodídaktos = “selvlært”) person, er en person, som uden hjælp fra lærere har tilegnet sig en stor viden og et stort erfaringsgrundlag inden for et bestemt område. Denne person er selvlært.   … Continue reading

Perceiving color

Today many people know, that there is an RGB colorspace. Some even know, that one usually uses a CMYK colorspace for printing. But how do we actually see colors? Here comes a very short explanation: The human eye has in … Continue reading

Developing design

Annyas design blog shows an intersting article about design through 70 yeas. Christian Annyas shows Chevrolet speedometer designs from the period 1941 to  2011. The connection between these designs and other designs in the same period seems quite clear. … Continue reading

Food and Photo

If you like both desing and food, like I do, then a page like this, where those things are combined, is a pleasure to see. Photographing food is not the easiest thing to do. Usually food needs to look appetizing … Continue reading

Logos and Logo design

Logo Design Love is a homepage, where you can find inspiration for logo design.. David Aireyer i a graphic designer from North Ireland. He wrote the book  “LogoLoveDesign“.  I found one of the articles on this blog through Twitter/designrelated. De-cluttered … Continue reading

Movable Sticky Posters

Another hint throug Twitter, this time from LightStalking. Large poster, that stick to the wall, can be taken down without damage to either wall or poster, and be used in another place. A prospective POS instrument : Wall Grips. … Continue reading


I found an article today, which stirred memories of a time, when I my self did some bookbinding. It is enticing work, and with some care you can get excellent results, that are a treasure on any bookshelf. But that … Continue reading

80 and still active

Let the 80s Roll: In the Design World, Octogenarians Rule Age is often associated with creative obsolescence—so why are so many of the oldest designers still so good? Read the article behind this link.  Age is no limit for creativity … Continue reading

Adobe Flex Builder

Adobe kindly gave Adobe Flex Builder to people, who lost their employment due to the economic crisis. I believe that was a good initiative. Så nu er jeg i gang med at sætte mig ind i Flex Builder, og jeg … Continue reading