Food and Photo

If you like both desing and food, like I do, then a page like this, where those things are combined, is a pleasure to see. Photographing food is not the easiest thing to do. Usually food needs to look appetizing … Continue reading

Spinach again

I remember not being very fond of spinach, while I was a boy. Maybe it was the way it was cooked, or just the fact, that it was finely chopped. Today that is different, and even my kids like spinach. … Continue reading

Salmon and spinach

We need to eat more fish the “experts” say, so here is one more with fish. Cook some spinach (whole leaves) with finely chopped onion, some powdered nutmeg, salt and pepper. Take some thin slices of  salmon  and put the … Continue reading


My family has gone crazy about sushi, which means I have to make it my self if I don’t want to bust my budget. It is not that difficult. Just cook some rice of the short grained variety (any kind … Continue reading

Another interesting link

Here is an exhaustive website on food . You can get loads of information on most kinds of food. About themselve they say:”The George Mateljan Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising, is a new force for … Continue reading

If you are in doubt about nutritional values in some food, you can have a look at Danish Food Composition Databank. They have data on lots of food. The database is maintained by DTU, and has an English version. It … Continue reading

Indian food

Indian food is interesting and varied. India is the size of Europe and has many different cultures, thus also many different cuisines. You can see more at or … Continue reading